Are you excited about creating content and build our community? Frever is an app that lets you create a vibrant 3D animated universe using nothing more than your mobile phone. We are passionate about giving everyone the freedom to express themselves and become storytellers.

Diversity & inclusion

Just like our community of creators from all around the world, the content & community team is an eclectic group of people with different backgrounds, personalities and personal stories. Altogether creating a unique melting pot of perspectives and ideas to embrace diversity and inclusion in the future of creativity!

Freedom & Trust

At Frever we understand that each person has their own preferred way of working. We are flexible with tailoring a solution that works for you.

The Future of Expression

Creating new ways of expression requires a lot of passion, understanding, and interest for entertainment in general and how it is reflected in a social context in particular. Everyone in the content team is a creator and instrumental in shaping the future of expression.

Creator in Focus

The purpose of the Frever app is to unleash creativity. Therefore, the content & community team puts creativity and the creative process of our creators front and center. Due to this, we have developed the Star creator program, in which talented creators produce high-quality content get support in growing their social media accounts. This way the content & community team gets a direct line to user needs and requests which is fed into our feature and asset development process.

Be a part of creating an inclusive, creative platform for young people and get inspired by young creators and the power of user generated content. We’re looking for people who enjoy tackling the challanges of viral content and quick trends, love teen culture and to try new things, as well as have a deep understanding for social media.