Are you excited about helping develop a next generation app? Frever is an app that lets you create a vibrant 3D animated universe using nothing more than your mobile phone. We are passionate about giving everyone the freedom to express themselves and become storytellers.


With Unity 3D and AR we combine the two technologies to create a real-time animation studio in your pocket. We strive to make video editing as simple as possible while preserving many degrees of freedom for our users.


Creating videos requires a lot of files and metadata to be uploaded, read, updated and deleted in a fast, scalable and robust way. Building fast and optimized APIs is central to making the user experience work for us.


Frever allows anyone to create an animated video in a couple of minutes. It has been done through a lot of user testing and bold designs that challenges previous ways of creating videos. By continuing to challenge the status quo we can further help anyone express themselves with animated content.

Data & Analytics

Information on every little detail of how the videos are made up, how they were created and how users interact with them are constantly being analyzed by our data team to help us create better features, assets and also allow our users to create better content.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Really enjoys our product, or enjoy that other people are having fun with the product. That way you can put your self in the mind of users, which is certainly needed for us to do a user-friendly application.

  • You always think about how features can be improved or solved smarter, do not just do the minimum required. We want to build things that last and we want you to be part of the team for a long term. If you have a similar focus and want to improve the project for the long term it is probably a great match. We are a fast growing company and we can only succeed if we treat our users with utmost care.

  • You should feel responsibility for your code and want to help out users directly if bugs or issues arise. You understand that different developers are good at different things and no one is perfect. Focus about how you can learn and improve your own skills, but also how you can help others to grow.