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Our Team

Tech Team

With Unity 3D and AR we combine the two technologies to create a real-time animation studio in your pocket. We strive to make video editing as simple as possible while preserving many degrees of freedom for our users.

QA Team

We check app behavior through static and dynamic testing to suit the needs of clients. We apply corrective action for any defects that have been found. These detail-oriented tasks assure our app has a high-quality standard of performance.

Data Team

Information on every little detail of how the videos are made up, how they were created and how users interact with them are constantly being analyzed by our data team to help us create better features, assets, and also allow our users to create better content.

Community Team

Just like our community of creators from all around the world, our team is an eclectic group of people with different backgrounds and personalities. Altogether creating a unique melting pot of perspectives and ideas to embrace diversity and inclusion in the future of creativity!

Art Team

We produce visually appealing content to inspire users, ranging from 3D assets, animation, and environment. Each person in the team has uncountable ways and freedom to make Frever fun for every person to use.

UX Team

Based on data, we work on tasks from user research, to prototyping, to conducting usability testing for iterating towards optimal solutions and distributing top-performing interface. As a member of the team, you will be the person to make major decisions about our product.

Where it happens

We are not only where it happens in the industry, but also where it happens geographically. Our main office is located in the heart of Södermalm, Stockholm, although we are divided between multiple countries.

We believe a good office should inspire people to feel passionate, creative and give every individual the space to be themselves.

FREVER AB, Stockholm

Torkel Knutssonsgatan 24
118 49 Stockholm

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