Community rules

Update 10th Feb, 2024

Everyone should feel welcome to our community! Frever is a platform for creativity, entertainment, and having fun together. It is important to us that you feel safe and secure when using Frever. Our community rules and Terms of Use are there for your safety and the safety of others, and we encourage everyone to follow them. Remember to always be kind online and treat others as you would like to be treated! To make Frever a welcoming place, we will remove or limit content that violates our guidelines. When using Frever, you agree not to publish, communicate or upload content containing:

Prompts and illegal acts

You must not promote regulated or prohibited goods or industries. Nor encourage illegal or age-limited acts by law, such as gambling, tobacco products, drugs, and alcohol. Promoting or organizing any type of criminal activity, or committing any unlawful act at all on the Platform, is prohibited.


We have zero tolerance for discrimination, such as racism, hatred against minorities, threats, derogatory comments based on gender, gender identity, nationality, origin, orientation, ethnicity or religion.

Bullying and harassment

Treat each other with respect and consideration. Online hate, such as bullying, threats, hateful comments, and harassment does not belong here. It is prohibited to write malicious comments or infringe on others. In our community, we use respectful language and are kind to each other.

Slander and spam

It is prohibited to disseminate fake malicious information or to post or disseminate any type of advertisement, advertising material, junk e-mail, spam, chain letters, or other types of offers.

Offensive content

Sexual, pornographic, or similar contents and sounds or comments that may be perceived as offensive or inappropriate for minors are prohibited.  We do not allow any kind of political propaganda, disinformation, or hateful behavior.

Unauthorized use

Please observe copyright protection laws. This means that you may not take other people’s videos or songs without consent. 

If you see or have encountered anything that violates our Community Rules or Terms of Use, please report the content so that we can review it. The easiest way to do this is directly in the app, or by emailing
If you violate our Community Rules, we may remove the content, terminate or restrict the visibility of your account and/or notify the police.